Welcome to Tub & Tile Refinishers

Welcome to Tub & Tile Refinishers

Tub & Tile Refinishers in Atlanta, GA specializes in bringing old tubs and showers back to life. As a highly-rated, local and owner-operated business in the Atlanta, GA area, Tub & Tile Refinishers has the backing of Mend-A-Bath extensive experience having completed more than a million bathroom refinishing projects. Our satisfied clientele includes homeowners, property managers, hospitality managers, investors, and contractors. We highly value their recognition as the TOP bathtub refinishing company in the Greater Atlanta area.

Specializing in shower tile refinishing and bathtub restoration services, we are a valuable asset for those undertaking budget-friendly bathroom renovation projects. Refinishing is the most cost-effective way to rejuvenate bathtubs, showers, sinks, counters, or tiles and refinishing also seals grout lines, and prevents futures stains and dirt.

Tub & Tile Refinishers provides superior refinishing and reglazing services for most bathroom surfaces, including porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, Formica, metals, and plastics.

Refinishing can save up to 70% or even 90% over replacement

Why replace when you can hire us to refinish? Here are 5 reasons:


Refinishing saves 70% to 90% in cost vs. replacement.


Our professionals can finish projects in as little as 3 – 5 hours.


We can repair holes, cracks, chips, rust and scratches.


Resurfacing is safe and does not involve the removal of construction waste.


We renew bathtubs, sinks, showers and countertops to “like new” condition.

Bathroom remodeling often involves costly and time-consuming demolition and replacement of old tiles, tubs, and fixtures. We get it! Which is why we’ve invested in Mend A Bath®’s specialized and proprietary tools, products and expert techniques to efficiently revamp any bathroom, breathing new life into existing surfaces.

We exclusively use Mend A Bath® refinishing products which contain no isocyanates and provide a flexible and durable finish, guaranteed! See our videos on the flexibility and durability of Mend A Bath®’s proprietary products with more than 45 years of product development.

At Tub & Tile Refinishers, we strive to give each of our clients a quality refinishing service with 100% satisfaction guarantee! We understand that every customer has different goals when considering bathroom remodeling and upgrades. We tailor your project to ensure your refinishing needs are met.

When searching for “tub refinishing near me,” check out our showcase of transformed bathroom projects.

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Atlanta Bathtub Resurfacing and Reglazing

Our highly experienced and trained technicians utilize proprietary tools and solutions developed by Mend A Bath® International to deliver quality results in every bathroom re-glazing or refinishing project. We specialize in unique reconditioning services for cast iron tubs, breathing new life into them and ushering them into the 21st century. For fiberglass tubs and shower surrounds, our refinishing services restore lost sparkle, extending their lifespan and eliminating the need for costly replacements.

We can handle just about any bathroom refinishing needs, from faded or chipped bathtubs to dated shower spaces and ceramic sinks. Trust us to transform every surface flawlessly.

Shower, Tile, and Tub Refinishing Atlanta GA

Shower tiles and pans often develop mold and mildew, giving your bathroom a dated and unclean appearance. Our refinishing services rejuvenate worn-out showers and tiles and refinishing also seals grout lines, and prevents futures stains and dirt. We ensure an efficient process, allowing you to enjoy your revamped shower or tub in about 24 hours.

Our efficient and affordable services have helped Atlanta area residents achieve refreshed bathrooms and showers without the expense of new installations. Call us today to discover more about our cost-effective bathroom renovation services.

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Atlanta GA Bathtub Restoration Process

Every bathtub re-glazing project requires meticulous preparation.

We can completely repair & restore fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic and cultured marble bathtubs with our acid-free proprietary refinishing (reglazing) process. We start out using our very thorough two-step cleaning process so that all soap scum, bodily oils and mineral deposits are removed and the tub is totally clean. When this is finished, all visible cracks, chips, and anomalies are properly fixed & repaired.

After completely dry, the final process consists of a couple layers of Mend-A-Bath’s top-quality coatings (Imported). 24-hour dry time before use.

We ensure localized spraying and implement a ventilation system to extract fumes and dust particles, expediting the drying process and minimizing overspray and downtime.

How Long Does the Refinish Last?

As an authorized dealer of Mend-A-Bath International products, we are proud to use one of the best all-in-one primer and top coat coatings in the world. It is an environmentally-friendly epoxy with NO isocyanates and with a very low odor and minimal overspray.

The refinishing and re-coating process has a 5-year warranty but can last a lifetime with proper care.

Whether you need shower tile resurfacing, clawfoot or cast-iron tub reconditioning, fiberglass tub repair, vanity sink refinishing, or any other service, we have you covered.

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